Python – Split string example

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String is widely used in Python programming language. There are many scenarios where programmers have to split the string based on different delimiters. In this blog, we demonstrate splitting of string using different delimiters.

1) Split string using default delimiter

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Convert String to Stream to String

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In java programming language, String is most widely used class. In certain situations we need to convert String to stream and vice versa. One such scenario is while reading data from a file, we have to convert stream to String. In this blog, we will see how to convert String to Stream and vise versa.You can learn more about String and other classes related with String like StringBuffer and StringBuilder in detail in String in java, StringBuffer in java and StringBuilder in java. Read the rest of this entry »

Stringbuffer in java

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StringBuffer is used to create mutable string object. StringBuffer is similar to string except that it is mutable. Purpose of StringBuilder is to over the problem of immutability.

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String vs StringBuffer vs StringBuilder

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Java provides different built-in classes around String such as String, StringBuilder, StringBuffer and many more. String object is widely used by programmers, which has certain features which restrict it’s usage, such as Immutable and thread safe. The thread safe is good is in case of multi-threading environment but immutable feature is a bottle neck in a situation where manipulation of string is required as it’ll lead to successive creation of different string object whenever given string object is manupulated. This lead to creation of StringBuffer and StringBuilder in which immutability has been removed. Here in this post we’ll see comparison of String vs Stringbuffer vs Stringbuilder.

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