Start with Extjs

Start with Extjs

Extjs is similar to other javascript frameworks and need to download latest version or version which suited your application from Sencha. You have 2 options that you can choose while downloading.

  • Commercial trial version: You can download a 45-day commercial evaluation version of  Ext JS 4. You can buy commercial licenses for Ext JS 4, based on your project needs, from
  • GPL version: Ext JS 4 is available under the General Public License (GPL) version 3. You can use this for building open source projects. Note, however, that Ext JS 4 applications built using the GPLv3 license require the release of the source code.

Contents of the Ext JS 4 folder

Brief description about core files of Extjs.

  • ext.js file contains the core API.
  • ext-all.js file contains the complete API in a compressed or minified format.  It’s suitable for development purposes only.
  • ext-all-dev.js contains the complete API with comments.
  • ext-all-debug-w-comments.js contains the complete API with comments and console warnings. This file should be used for development.
  • The doc folder contains the API guides and documents which you can also download it from
  • The resources folder contains the standard set of themes and CSS that you can use in your application.
  • The src folder contains the entire API organized into numerous JavaScript files.


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