AngularJS: How to get started?

AngularJS: How to get started?

Here is how to set up for AngularJS application.

To be able to start using AngularJS, it is must to include AngularJS script. There are two ways by which one include AngularJS script in their application.

  • Include CDN (content delivery network ) library
  • Include this path in your page to include AngularJS library.
  • There are certain advantages of using CDN library, if any user has visited your site then it will not have redownload this script on his/her second visit.
  • The other way by which AngularJS library can be included is to downloading the file from AngularJS official site.
  • Click on Download AngularJS1 and once file has been downloaded you can include in your application.
  • AngularJSDownload-Step1 AngularJSDownload-Step2
  • After you have downloaded the script then it can be included in application as follows:

Once done you’re ready to play around with AngularJS.

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