Grid in Extjs Example

Grid in Extjs Example

In web development it is common to show data in grid format. Extjs has Grid class which is available under panel package which we need to extend in case we want to create our own grid layout. It is very easy to create our grid on web page using this class.

Let’s see an example to understand better.

Note : In this example, Extjs library is available with my project at same level of grid.html file. In case you want to add library from web or Sencha you have to use other URLĀ or you can download it from Sencha and keep it with your project structure which is demonstrated in Start with Extjs.



In above example we have used dummy json data in store. We can replace data with proxy in case we want to use URL/Service which returns json data.

We have a json file which is available under jsondata folder which contains Emp detail in json format. We have replaced dummy data with actual url which points to json file. We can pass here the actual url of controller class which can be written in Java or any other programming language.

Content of empdetail.json file.

Stay tuned for other posts related to grid layout with Java controller.

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